Splinters 2nd Edition

July 13th, 2009 by Alex Leave a reply »

Following immensely positive feedback and encouragement, writer Tony Sheppard produced an enhanced 2nd edition of ‘Splinters‘ in the Summer of 2009. Splinters was first published by Troubador in 2006.

Splinters is a thought-provoking, adult thriller/fantasy, about how the souls and memories of the dead are returned to earth via a bolt of lighting that strikes the great oak tree. The splinters one by one transfer these memories into the souls of the living … changing their lives forever.

It leads us to question hedonistic “live now, pay later” lifestyles. It’s a compelling book about people… with true-to-life characters… stories within a story… a saga of true love, greed, murder and political intrigue unfolds… can be read on many levels.

Put everything on hold… this is a real page turner.