Pam and JoPetite and very pretty, Joanne wore her long black hair fastened discreetly in a bun during office hours. On the night Pamela chose to follow her, in August 1997, however, she let it fall as free as her spirit. It was Saturday….

       Noticing a thin layer of perspiration on Jo’s neck, Pam turned her head away, embarrassed at the thoughts of sexual intimacy which crossed her mind. The erotic soul was hungry for love…


The two women stood enjoying each other’s beauty for a moment while warm water flowed over them. Pam watched Jo pick up a bar of soap, and lather up. Bubbles ran down Jo’s body, and trickled into the shower pan before swirling round and disappearing down the plug hole.

       Pam tilted her head back and leant against the tiles under gentle pressure from Jo’s smoothing hands. They seemed to have a magical touch in them. She began to tremble as Jo turned her round, and started on her back. Oh, God, she thought, her breasts pressing against the wall as Jo’s hands began a rotating, downward motion on her shoulders.

       Pam instinctively opened her legs as water trickled off her head, down the middle of her back, and under her bottom. She was sure she would have orgasmed then, but Jo took a shower rose and sprayed the soap away.

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